Sunday, September 24, 2006

September Update

The girls wore red, white and blue on September 11th in memory of those who lost their lives that day.

Where has September gone??

We celebrated 6 months since the arrival of Esther on the 12th. It's amazing how much she has changed since the first day we met her. She has always been a happy girl since Day 1. She came to me smiling and very happy. For the first few days, she was happy, but not all the time. (But could you really blame her??) The first 3 months were pretty difficult as she adjusted to her new life, and as we adjusted to "twins" and a new child. But she continued to remain happy and still is. She loves to laugh and is such a joy to our family. She talks non stop and loves to sing, especially the ABC's. Our family is so blessd by her presence.

Then on the 17th, we celebrated Elena's 15th birthday!! She is also such a blessing to our family. For her birthday, we went to a local Mexican Restaurant and were joined by Elena's friend Susanna, and Aunt Nanette, Matthew, Andrew & Ethan. You might want to start watching the roads- she'll have her driver's permit soon! Yikes!! :-P

Hmm.. who's birthday is it really?


Dad with two of his girls

Emma & Aunt Nanette

Emma & Esther remain silly and busy! They love their school and their teachers. They love to laugh, make messes and eat oreo's. I think this picture sums it all up!!