Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A Time of Thanks

Some of the things I am thankful for:

I'm thankful for a wonderful family

Supportive and caring friends

Our home that keeps us warm at night

A free country and all of the servicemen who are fighting for our freedom, including my Uncle who won't get to spend the holiday's with his family this year

My health and my families health

Being able to adopt Esther, Emma and now Asher

Having sisters.. right now we fight all the time but I know one day we will be so glad we have each other

For the nannies in China who have and will continue to care for Asher until we can bring him home

Coffee.. can't make it through my mornings without it!

For my parents who work so hard to provide us with a good life and education

A wonderful and caring Father, because we wouldn't be anywhere without Him

And, thinking of my sister Kayla.. the poor turkey who had to die so we could enjoy him tomorrow! (Kayla's one of those future PETA members!)

And, I'm thankful for the life I've been given and for all of my talents and goals I hope to pursue in the future

On Thanksgiving, we usually have a few traditions that consist of watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade while peeling apples for applesauce, naming the turkey.. those sort of things. This will be Esther's first thanksgiving, so we are very thankful for having her home, and also thankful that we have one more waiting for us at the moment in China.

There are so many things I'm thankful for this year that it's hard to remember them all. On my mind is the fact that we are so blessed to be able to live in a free country and have Thanksgiving. This past Sunday, we took part in a food drive with our church and delivered a complete Thanksgiving meal for a family in need. It was humbling to think about the fact that there are some families in our own town that won't be able to enjoy tasty chicken, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie. I'm thankful that we have a wonderful Lord and Savior who gives us all of these blessings and I pray that he brings comfort to those who can't experience this holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday weekend!!

"Give thanks to the Lord for He is good. His love endures FOREVER!" Psalm 118:1

I didn't think this had a chance.. But

I took this picture back in June (You can look back in the June Archives under "Popsicles on a Rainy Day") and submitted it along with a few other pictures to Love Without Boundaries for their 2nd Love's Journey book. The first Love's Journey is a wonderful book filled with pictures of children from China, writings, poems and essays from adoptive parents. It's one of the most beautiful books I've ever seen and whenever it's out on our coffee table, it's always a favorite. I would highly reccommend checking out Love Without Boundaries website to see if you can purchase a copy of the book. It's $50, but ALL of the money goes towards heart surgeries, foster care and nutrition programs for children in China. There's a link to LWB on my sidebar, so be sure to check it out.

Anyways, this picture was chosen to appear in Love's Journey 2!! I don't know when LJ2 is expected to be printed, but we're excited to see that the girls will be featured in it!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Visiting with Santa Clause

We decided to beat the holiday traffic and took the girls to visit Santa Clause today. Esther was so excited and when it was her turn, she ran over to Santa Clause and went to sit on his lap. She and Emma were so cute together!!

Here are some pictures:

Hold on a second.. we need to get into our poses!

Ian, Emma, Santa Clause & Esther

New pose.. same people

The girls telling Santa Clause what they want for Christmas.. a Cinderella Castle, Dora the Explorer things, and a brother from China!

"I want Asher from China!"

Santa looks a bit perplexed at how he can give these cute little girls a brother from China!

And then Ian also asked Santa Clause for a brother.. along with asking for some sort of new game/ipod he wants..

Santa Clause was so relieved to hear we were adopting a brother from China and that he wouldn't have to bring one and sit him under the tree on Christmas Eve!!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Notice Anything New??

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Cute Sister Moments

A Swim in November

Esther thought it might be fun to try swimming in the middle of November.

Oooooo! It's really cold!

Maybe I'll try to go in a little further...

Wow.. This is cold!!

Sera told me to get my hair wet. She thought it would be funny to see if I would actually jump into the water and get my whole head wet! She's silly! I made her think I jumped in by pouring water on my head. Hah! And she thought I had actually jumped in!

I didn't have my camera on, but just a few moments later dad "accidentally" helped her into the water. She thought that was funny, and we were all laughing.

Family FotoFun Friday Challenges 5 & 6

Last week's challenge was hats! Here's Esther modeling a cute pink cowgirl hat. She makes quite a cute cowgirl!!

And this week's challenge was Crybabies! I usually delete any pictures I have of the girls crying because I wouldn't think anyone would want to see them! But, yesterday the girls had some Crybaby moments, so I grabbed the camera! Esther is crying because she had just woken up from her nap. Sometimes she will come downstairs once she is awake, but other times she prefers to sit and scream until someone comes to get her. And Emma started crying while we were on the boat and a capri sun pouch flew out as we were going. Not sure why she started crying when it flew out since there was nothing in it, but it proved a perfect picture opportunity!!

Family FotoFun Friday Challenge from

Friday, November 03, 2006


Just kidding! No, we're not adopting again, but this morning we received news from my aunt & uncle that they got their referral!! They started the adoption process in March, after being inspired by us adopting Emma & Esther.

We're still waiting for more details but what we do know is that she is a beautiful 2 1/2 year old little girl. She is a waiting child just like Esther was, and her special need has already been repaired.

We couldn't be any happier! Esther and Emma will have a cousin close to their age who is from China, just like they are. Hopefully once we get pictures, I'll be able to post them here.

Our new cousin should be coming home in February!

Congratulations Uncle Mau, Aunt Norma, Juliana & Milos!!

Family FotoFun Friday Challenge: Glasses

Again, late.. but better late than never!! This weeks challenge: Eyeware! The girls love sunglasses (particularly mine) so that wasn't hard to find pictures of!

Thanks to "Auntie" Donna from for putting on the photo challenge!!

Better Late than Never!

Well, I haven't been able to upload anything to blogger in the past two weeks!! So finally it is letting me add pictures.

Anyways, down to business. On October 15, we celebrated Kayla's 12th birthday! We went out to dinner at a local Mexican restaurant with several of our friends and had a great time.
Kayla is a really funny kid. She's the most argumentative child I've ever met, and my mom has always said that she would argue with the Lord himself if she could. She's very smart so dad is hoping she'll be a doctor one day.. although she'd probably be better as an attorney!! She comes up with the funniest jokes and even if I'm really mad at her she always makes me laugh. She had a great birthday and is so excited that she's officially a "Pre-Teen." Oh Boy!

My prayer for her on her 12th birthday is this:

"But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ." 2 Peter 3:18

"Delight yourself also in the Lord,
and He shall give you the desires of your heart.
commit your way to the Lord,
trust also in Him, and He shall bring it to pass."
Psalm 37:4-5

Happy Birthday Kayla!! (Although it was really on the 15th!!)

Now, on to Halloween and those activities. This year, we attended the annual Fall Festival at our church. We had a great time and the girls really enjoyed "Trunk or Treating", playing games and both got a present at the "Toy Walk".. sort of like a cake walk! But of course, the best part was how much candy they got!! Halloween was good to us this year.. we have enough candy to feed an entire army!! However, we're going to eleviate the problem and send most of the candy to friends of ours who are currently living in South Korea! And yet we still have plenty to go around!

For Halloween, the girls were Pirates! We found the costumes at Target and they were too cute to pass up!! Emma & Esther loved their costumes and loved to sing "Yo ho Yo ho, a Pirates life for me!" They sure made two adorable pirates!

On Saturday, the girls attended a town fall festival and got to dress up and see a Halloween play, that both Elena and I were in. Later, we took the girls to the pumpkin patch along with my friend, her mother and her nieces. There weren't many pumpkins left, but they didn't really care. We did get two pumpkins, but we mostly go just to get pictures!! Dad and Ian were camping this weekend, so it was nice to have a girls night. After the pumpkin patch, we ended up going to the mall and then out to dinner.

On Sunday, we were supposed to take the girls to a local farm, but mom was sick, so we changed our plans. We ended up taking the girls to the park for about two hours! They had a lot of fun, and it's an excuse for me to take pictures! I did get a few cute shots.

Ian was SO exhausted from camping that he fell asleep on the couch around 6:00! He was so proud of the spear he carved at Boy Scout Camp, that he fell asleep holding it!