Friday, December 22, 2006

Preschool Performance

Here are some pictures from Emma & Esther's Preschool Performance last week. It was a cute show where the kids got to dress up in different costumes and sing lots of songs. Esther knew all of the songs and did a great job singing. Emma enjoyed being on stage and looking cute! I didn't get to take many pictures at all, so these were taken by my Dad. We did have the whole thing video-taped, so hopefully soon I'll go throug it and post some video!
The girls are on the far right of this picture
Esther and her friend Brendan dressed up for "Winter Wonderland"
The Nativity Scene- Esther was one of the Wisemen
And Emma was a shepherd

Only One Thing I Despise about the Christmas Season..

and that's when it's time to take the yearly family Christmas picture.. again! We took about 80 shots this year and only got one good one.. and even then the girl's aren't smiling. The only disadvantage of having such a large family is trying to get every one to smile at the same time.. it usually never works!

This one was my personal favorite- I thought we should just use this one for our Christmas Card picture- however, I was quickly vetoed by Mom!

This is the picture that everyone will end up seeing this Christmas- like I said, not the best but it will do for this year!

Here are some random ones we took that turned out prety good:

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Pre-Christmas Photos

The weeks have just flown by since school ended! In addition to Elena, Esther and I being sick earlier this week (and I'm still recovering) we've been attending Christmas parties, decorating the tree, shopping, shopping, shopping & making Christmas cookies!!!! Not to mention paperchasing, wrapping gifts and all the other activities that go on during Christmas!

Esther helping to decorate the tree

You see this? This is what happens any time I have to leave! The both grab my legs and hang on me saying "Sera.. don't go!!"

Our family after a Christmas party

Never a dull moment.. don't forget to put the lids back on the trash can.. or, just remember to close the garage door so the racoons don't have a feast out of our "leftovers."

Esther with one of the guinea pigs

The little girls really like to help take care of the animals.

Kayla, Ian & Elena baking Christmas cookies!

I have more pictures coming, including ones from Esther & Emma's preschool performance from last week!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Family FotoFun Friday Challenge: Pigtails

Pigtails are a big part of Emma & Esther's hair life..

To the left: April 2005- Emma's first "real" pigtails

Below: Gotcha Day in March- Esther came to us in pigtails!

Today.. Emma & Esther sport some cute pigtails

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Family FotoFun Friday Challenge- Pajama's

This week's FFFF is pajamas! The girl's love pajama's and they have some real cute ones. Currently, their favorites are these new Dora the Explorer ones we bought at Target. Esther loves anything that is Dora, so when she first saw these new pj's, you'd think she was someone who had just gotten a million dollars!

Donna from FFFF over at "Double Happiness" (Linked on the right hand side) has two little girls who have about the same age difference as Esther & Emma. Our girls are only 39 days apart in age and close in height, so they do look a lot like twins. But to me, they look nothing alike! Most people assume they are twins, and whenever they ask we just reply saying that they're five weeks apart. That gets some pretty interesting looks, but we let them think about it, or ask more questions! When Esther first came home, there was a HUGE difference in height & weight between both girls. Emma has grown quite a bit this summer, and she's almost the same size as her sister. Both girls are built very differently. We refer to Emma as the "little bird" because she's got a very thin build and is soo tiny! Esther, on the other hand is called "The Meatball" because she's got a very solid build! Even though there's not much different in weight, you can definitely feel the difference when picking them up. I think gymnastics will be in the future for Emma. She has long toes and amazing upper body strength. I see soccer or t-ball in Esther's future because she's so athletic!

Here's the differences between the girls: (They're as accurate as you can get with two squirming girls!)

Age: 3 years, 11 months
Height: 39 1/2 inches
Weight: 32 pounds
Clothing Size: 3T-5T
Shoe Size: 8 or 9

Age: 3 years, 10 months
Height: 38 inches
Weight: 28 pounds
Clothing Size: 2T & 18-24 month bottoms
Shoe Size: 6 or 7

Emma is busy, busy and busier! She is always on to something new and doesn't like to concentrate on anything for longer than 5 minutes! She's very bright, and likes to solve things like puzzles. She loves to do any sort of puzzle and can usually put pieces together faster than I can! She also loves to help in any any way she can. We do question Emma's actual age, though. If you spend ten minutes with the girls, you can tell an obvious difference in the two. Even though Esther has only been here 9 months, she has learned her ABC's, several Christmas songs, nursery rhymes and her numbers. If you ask Emma to say her ABC's, her version goes something like "ABCDEFJKZ.. now I know my ABC's, etc." She was VERY slow to potty train and she just acts a lot younger than a normal almost four year old. This summer when the girls from her travel group were here, they were all speaking in complete sentances and all potty trained. Emma does speak in 5-7 word sentances, but there was an obvious difference in their speaking abilities. Instead of asking "Can I have some water please?", Emma will say "I have water?" Emma's information from the orphanage was very conflicting and we never really got any information just that she was found on Feb 15th and they assumed she had been born the previous day. Maybe it's just that Emma has a different way of learning things. She's very bright, but it takes her a lot longer than it does Esther. However, she is the baby of the family and I think she likes that position! Another interesting thing about Emma is that many Vietnamese people have commented that Emma looks Vietnamese. That is interesting since she is from Beijing, which is quite far north of Vitnam!

On to Esther.. well she is a lot more laid back than her sister who has been dubbed "Tigger on Crack." Esther is very smart and is a quick learner. She loves to sing little songs like "Jingle Bells", "Itsy Bitsy Spider", etc. Even though she doesn't know all of the words, she'll make some up, or just hum along. We could tell from our orphanage visit back in March that she was a favorite among the nannies, probably because she is so bright. She loves to color and can write her name. She also is very prideful. If you accuse her of being a bad girl, or blame something on her she will correct you and say "No, it wasn't ME!!" I think Esther's going to be the more studious sister since she likes to finish everything she starts! Esther also has a really funny sense of humor. She can brighten even the most despondent person's day. She has the craziest laugh and loves to play games. An interesting note about Esther is that she appears to look more like a child adopted from Cambodia. She has very dark skin.. she's the darkest of all of us in the family! We're going to have Esther re-evaluated for speech therapy soon. Because of her cleft palate she has a hard time making sounds/words. We understand about 75% of what she says, but we're the only ones who do. Esther loves to talk to other people, but no one can really understand what she says. The speech therapy will really be good for her because she is a quick learner, and it will help us all not to be too frustrated when we can't understand one another!

No matter what their differences, they are both the sweetest, cutest, most adorable little girls I know. (Quite possibly because I am just a tad bit biased!)

Friday, December 01, 2006

It's Christmas Time Again!!

Finally.. I never thought December would get here!

Despite being 80+ degrees outside, the holiday's have arrived again and everyone's in the Christmas spirit. This is my favorite time of the year since Christmas music is playing on the radio, decorations are out everywhere and it just feels like the most wonderful time of the year. (Since, most would agree it is!)

The Emster's (Emma + Esther) love anything and everything about Christmas. Santa Clause, presents, cookies, Baby Jesus.. they are going nuts!! Emma has been so cute telling Esther all about Christmas and how Santa Clause comes and brings presents to everybody. Following the example of their older brother, they love to look at the newspaper and tell us all the things they *want* for Christmas. But they're also starting to understand the true meaning of Christmas, when Baby Jesus was born, so it's fun to watch as they discover this new holiday. Especially for Esther. Her eyes light up when she sees all of the decorations! In our town, one of the local realtor's always has a boat set outside with Santa Clause sitting in it. We pass it every morning when I take the girls to school, and they start screaming at the top of their lungs.. "HI SANTA CLAUSE!!!!!!!" Too funny.

We put up our tree on Tuesday, so here's our Family Foto Fun Friday Challenge (from of the week! Of course, it isn't decorated yet.. but we'll probably do that tonight!!

America's Newest Citizen!

Today, we were all out the door by 8:00 am. Despite the fact that the little one's hadn't had their teeth brushed, we all made it out fully clothed..and only half of us had eaten breakfast! (Thank goodness for coffee! My Dad and I drink two different type's of coffee, but I got to the machine first this morning!)

Today.. November 30, 2006, we Re-Adopted Shen Xiao Tian, so she is now officially Esther Joy Xiao Tian. She is forever ours now! Because only my Dad travelled to China, Esther didn't become a citizen when she came home. But, once we re-adopted her, we finalized the adoption, changed her name, and she is now officially a citizen of the United States of America!!

It was funny during the court procession, the clerk (?) was reading off her new American name (which she butchered pretty badly!) but forgot to say our last name. So Esther piped up and said our last name, which we all thought was funny. Also, sometimes the judge asks to see the originals of all our China paperwork, so my Dad brought our binder of what he *thought* was Esther's adoption paperwork.. and it turned out being Emma's! Fortunately, the judge didn't ask, so it was alrght!

The judge was very nice and we're glad that we have that step of the process out of the way! Now, we can focus more on our next adoption!!