Friday, December 01, 2006

It's Christmas Time Again!!

Finally.. I never thought December would get here!

Despite being 80+ degrees outside, the holiday's have arrived again and everyone's in the Christmas spirit. This is my favorite time of the year since Christmas music is playing on the radio, decorations are out everywhere and it just feels like the most wonderful time of the year. (Since, most would agree it is!)

The Emster's (Emma + Esther) love anything and everything about Christmas. Santa Clause, presents, cookies, Baby Jesus.. they are going nuts!! Emma has been so cute telling Esther all about Christmas and how Santa Clause comes and brings presents to everybody. Following the example of their older brother, they love to look at the newspaper and tell us all the things they *want* for Christmas. But they're also starting to understand the true meaning of Christmas, when Baby Jesus was born, so it's fun to watch as they discover this new holiday. Especially for Esther. Her eyes light up when she sees all of the decorations! In our town, one of the local realtor's always has a boat set outside with Santa Clause sitting in it. We pass it every morning when I take the girls to school, and they start screaming at the top of their lungs.. "HI SANTA CLAUSE!!!!!!!" Too funny.

We put up our tree on Tuesday, so here's our Family Foto Fun Friday Challenge (from of the week! Of course, it isn't decorated yet.. but we'll probably do that tonight!!

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asiangarden said...

The girls are way too cute in front of the tree!