Saturday, June 10, 2006

Two Years Ago..

Today is the 2 year anniversary of the day we got "The Call" that there was a 16 month old baby girl waiting for us in China. Her name was Xi, Yun Na, she was born on February 14, 2003 and currently living in the Beijing Children's Welfare Institute. I remember that day like it was yesterday. Her pictures would arrive the next day, but that happened to be the day I would be leaving for Jamaica on a missions trip. The pictures arrived as I boarded my flight to Jamaica, and I got to see the pictures three days later. It was exciting showing everyone the pictures of my sister we had waited so long to see!!

Emma has been so excited about her Referral Day! To celebrate we had cake and looked at her referral pictures. Tian was sick, so she went to be early. It was good for Emma to have some "alone twin" time. She kept saying, "Esther is sick, so she can't have cake. But I'm not sick, so I get cake." She kept looking at her pictures and saying, "Thats me as a baby in China!"

For each referral day I've been taking her picture with her framed referral picture. It's neat to see how she's changed through the last two years. The top three pictures are from today, and the last one is from last year.

As far as understanding that she is adopted from China, Emma's still too young to realize that. We tell her all the time that she was born in China and that Mommy, Daddy and Sera went to get her. She watches her movie all the time and says "That's me as a baby!" Today I told her about her referral day and that this was the day we got the call that Emma was waiting for us in China and that we saw her pictures and said "Yes, we want to go and get her." She doesn't understand right now because she's still too young, but she will one day. I don't think she realizes that she looks different from us, but then again, none of us look the same! We're a mixture of blonde's, brunette's, green, blue & brown eyes. She isn't asking any questions, but we'll be prepared when she does start to. For now, we're just enjoying the time we have with her because they grow so fast!

So how old am I really?

The conversation went something like this:

Me: Tian, how hold are you?

Tian: (looks at me like she has no idea what I'm talking about...) and says, "Esther"

Me: No, how old are you? (Realizing she doesn't know what I'm asking her)

Me: You are three years old. (Holding up the sign for three with my fingers)

Tian: (Holding up the sign for three) "Three?"

Me: So, How old are you?

Tian: Three!

Me: Emma, how old are you?

Emma: (Pauses...) "Eleven"

Me: You're Eleven?

Emma: Yep

Tian: Emma, You're Three!

Emma: I'm Eleven.

Me: No, you're three.

Emma: Mmmm.. Okay..Can we watch Aladdin?

(Show's how short a three-year-old's attention span is)

Saturday, June 03, 2006

The ABC's by Tian & Emma

Wow.. so this must be a record- five posts in one day!!

Again, you'll have to copy & paste the link above into your browser, but it's darn cute and worth it!! =)

A Daddy Daughter(s) Day

Mom & Ian were gone, so we went out on the boat and tried out the new tube. Emmy & Tian got to go tubing and they loved it. Emma kept yelling "Go Faster!" =)

Elena and I taking the girls on the tube. Despite the faces, it was a lot of fun..just difficult trying to make sure you don't fall off for some reason!

Elena & Tian

Elena & Kayla on the tube

Tian just chillin'

Kayla with the girls

Me & Emma

Dad & Elena

Now this is the best part.. watching your sisters go flying off the tube! Now that's entertainment!! =)


Takin' a swim

Jet Ski'in Girls

Both Tian & Emma have gone on the jet ski's and they LOVE them! The girls love to go fast! I only have pictures of Emma right now, but I'll get some up of Tian soon. These were from last week of Catie (right) Emma and me.

What We Like To Do...

We like to eat using our new Dora the Explorer cups, plates and silverwear. (And the matching placemats!)

We figured out a way that both of us can ride the (coveted) Dora the Explorer bike together!

We love to make funny faces!

And put pull-ups on our head!

But our FAVORITE thing to do is play with Ian's lego's when he isn't looking!!

Remember when broke into Mommy's office and then climbed into her basket under her desk and ate all her gum?? That was funny!

We love to watch Cinderella!!

And bathtime is fun.

But most of all- we love our big sister Sera!!

What Have The Twin Terrors Been Up To Lately...

Well, they have mostly been focusing their energy(s) on swimming lessons. Today, Emma graduated from the swimming program! She has only been in the program for four weeks and has had to do a variety of swimming teqchniques, including swimming in a big winter jacket, pants, soggy pull-up and shoes & socks. But, she has been able to master it all. Nothing phases this kid. She loves swimming and is such a little fish. My favorite part about her is that she always has a smile on her face no matter what.
..Which is something her big sister Tian could do.. maybe once in awhile. Poor thing still starts screaming the moment she sees the swim teacher's car, and doesn't stop 'til she's done with the lesson. Even when Emma goes first, Tian is still screaming! She is doing very well in swimming lessons too. It's tougher for her since she's only been here 2 1/2 months, so she will probably be graduating next week from swim classes. She is not at all a fan of swimming and will happily watch us play in the pool and swim, but she wants nothing to do with it! We'll give her time, I'm sure she'll come around.
(Swimming pictures are from different days)

That's Tian swimming

Don't let this face fool you!! I made her stop crying-as she waited for her turn at swimming lessons-and made her smile for the camera. She stopped screaming for a few seconds, and then was back at it!

Miss Smiley

There she goes (Emma)

WHEW!! Swimming lessons are over! I can smile now.

See, she's perfectly happy sitting by the pool and watching us swim.

That's Tian swimming!

"Ugh.. swimming lessons."

"I get Cinderella stickers for swimming!"