Monday, October 20, 2008

Asher's Smile is Back =)

(Took this with my Blackberry while he was in recovery)

Sorry to leave you all hanging..

Asher pulled through his surgery like a champ!

We are now on Day 6 of his recovery and he is doing fantastic. So, great in fact, that he is back at school today!

(Smiley boy is back!)

His surgery last Tuesday last about three hours. Mom & Dad walked him back to the doors of the OR around 7:45 am and we finally got to see him again just before noon. I was able to make my 7:35 am class at school, jump in the car and speed.. er, carefully drive my way down to the hospital! =) The waiting was the worst part, especially since we were originally told surgery would be over around 10 am. But we were joined by our Pastor and close friend Tim Pent, so that helped pass the time.

When we first arrived back into the RIO (Rapid In & Out Recovery) Asher had just gotten there and was crying. It was so hard to see his sweet little body enduring so much pain. He was trying his best to be brave, but after waking up in a room where you don't know anyone, and you can't feel your mouth (plus your hip is killing you!) he sure had a reason to be upset. Mom and I did our best to soothe him until the nurse showed up with some relieving pain medicine. Within 20 minutes, he was back to his old self cracking jokes once again and his beautiful smile was back!

Due to both my parents' medical knowledge, Asher was able to be released that day and come home around four in the afternoon. Usually there is an overnight stay involved but the doctors agreed to let him go home as long as he was keeping down fluids and could stand. Asher had no problem doing that. =) He had all the nurses charmed, so they were a little sad to see him go. Actually, Asher LOVED the hospital and told Mom he wanted to stay! He had a nice comfy bed, a tv, and an exquisite view of the helicopter pad so he was pretty happy.

I am so glad I was able to pull some strings and be there at the hospital while he was recovering. I had talked to him the night before the surgery and Mom said all he could talk about was "Sera is coming." It was so sweet.. he even wore his Southeastern t-shirt to the hospital that morning. =)

The bone graft was a success and there is even a slight improvement in his speech! The doctor's didn't work on his upper lip, but that also looks better than before. The worst pain he has experienced has been with his hip and the doctor even warned that that would be the most painful. The first day he got around my hopping on one leg.. but by day three he was walking on both feet.. actually, it was more like running!

I was able to go home again this past weekend and he is doing great! You'd never know he just had surgery a few days ago. The hardest part for him right now is the soft food diet. He's got a pretty limited array of choices- ice cream, yogurt, pudding, jello and soups. Geez.. wish I could eat that! Asher loves food so this has been his biggest challenge so far. I think he has another week or two on soft foods and then we can start implementing regular food back into his diet.

Also, since he is SOO active, we have had to limit his ability to move for fear he will rip the stitches. He's not too crazy about that, especially since he missed a karate tournament over the weekend.

I took pictures at the hospital but haven't been able to update or upload because of my crazy mid-term ridden week. Then, I accidentally left my purse at home with my camera! So I'll have that back tomorrow and will add more, but for now I've added a few from my Blackberry.

Asher continues to amaze me with his strength and courage. If it was me going through this surgery, I would probably still be in bed at this point!

We are so glad this surgery is over and that he is doing so well.
Thank you so much for all of your thoughts and prayers!


Annie said...

I'm so glad Asher is recovering well! It's nice to see his smiling face.

Donna said...

Awesome! I love his smile!

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Don and Be said...

Looking handsome as ever, Asher!

Don and Be said...

Don't have your e-mail but want to invite you to a brunch to welcome Joanna Mei and for folks to meet her for the first time.
You must be thrilled to have Asher home and doing well. Thank God!
Blessings to your tribe,

Drop me a line and I'll send the invite......

Mom 2 six said...

I was glad to see the update and you can't beat the smile !!
He is as cute as ever....
Hope things went well with school and exams. :)

Donna said...

Hey, it's been a while since your last post!

Merry Christmas! I hope all is well and I'm looking forward to hearing more about how the kids are doing!

Lots of love,

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Donna said...

Hmmmm... think it might be time for an update! (hint hint!)


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J-momma said...

what a beautiful family you have! my son is adopted and has cleft lip/palate as well. it's good to know that the surgery for your brother went well, as my son will be going through the same thing in a few years. love your blog!

Catherine said...

Miss your blogging Sera. Hope all is well with your family.

Donna said...

Okay, one last plea for an update.


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Catherine said...

Hi Sera,

I was going through old links and came across your blog and wondered how your wonderful family was? Hope all is great!!

Blessings, Catherine