Monday, April 23, 2007

FFFF Challenge # 28: Budding Artists & Learning to Write

This week's challenge is about showcasing our little budding artists' artwork. Along with coloring her picture, Emma and I worked on her writing. She's had a lot more trouble learning her letters than Esther has. But she showed great progress today when I worked with her on writing her A's. Check out this video below:

Emma with all of her A's- she was so excited to be able to write A's!
We did this three times and she did such a great job! I was starting to get concerned about the fact that she isn't able to identify or write any letters of the alphabet. I'm really unsure about whether she has a learning disability or if she is just really lazy and only wants to work when she wants to! She has such a short attention span and is distracted by anything.. so that makes learning at school very difficult for her. I was at her pre-school all last week and anytime she was working with the Leap-pad or listening to cd's.. her mind was elsewhere! She is a very smart child.. but she is just quite lazy!! However, I think if we just work with her one-on-one for awhile, she'll start to catch up and eventually get it.
Here she is with her contribution to the FFFF challenge.

Here's Esther with her drawing. Notice, it's of her and her friend Jing Chen (aka Delaney).

I just love Esther's little stick figure drawings. She came to us knowing how to draw them.. and I think they are the cutest things! Esther is very studious- just this evening she sat at the table and wrote out various letters for close to two hours. She knows how to write several letters, and today she practiced writing her name, as you'll see here:

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